I know. I know. Every Starbucks is crowded. Everyone seemed to be drinking a lot of times nowadays not because they love coffee but they just want to be on the “in” crowd.

And since my new work requires me working anywhere with WI-FI, a coffee shop is the most ideal place for me.

For one, plugs are always available. We can get free WI-FI anywhere but only if your battery has been completely charged or if you have an extra one—but anything else, you will be using an establishment’s  free heart pounding electricity for almost half a day and you will just buy a coke, or just simply have the waiter send you pail of water.

I went to the Gateway mall since I thought it would be nice if I will spend dinner with my friend, and what else but of course, to work. The last time I went to Gateway, I saw like 2 Starbucks establishment but they were like closing already. We decided to go to the Araneta Coliseum branch.

And just right on my eye, I wasn’t sure if there was a concert going on or if it was UAAP opening ceremony since all I can see was crowd – old men, no businessmen, but mostly, students in uniforms. I didn’t know they can afford to buy a Venti nowadays (and oh, with the ensaymada)

The good thing about the place is that there were plugs anywhere. Though the place is really crowded, it’s easy for me to find a plug since most of these “kids” are outside to smoke — or tambay — or just to be recognize as a Starbucks mainstay.

The place is not ideal if you want to work, or study perhaps, if you forget to bring an earphone or a headset while denying the bossa sounds on the background. You see, if you are a lone worker, or just simply wants to review your teacher’s lesson, this place is not for you.

Since Araneta Center established that it is a <a href=”http://www.gatewaymall.com.ph/news/aranetaWIFI.pdf“>Hotzone area</a>, I was expecting that there’s a free WI-FI there. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case since it will say I was connected but I wasn’t. As with the other Starbucks, it is always essential to bring your airborne access cards or accounts even.

but of course, with my cutie headset denying the bossa music playing on the background and the noise of the conversing kids. It was my first time to drink my fave tall latte without cinnamon or vanilla, but uh yeah, it was good–it wasn’t good enough though when I have both on top.

work mode with my fave extra hot tall latte

These students have money. When I was in college, I can only buy 3-in-1 Nescafe and a
Venti Mocha frappe is worth my 5 days allowance (OA na :P). There were some students there sitting with a cup of frappes and they were 5 on a table (take note: 1 frappe) .

students in uniform falling in line to get their graded cup

I think it was a UAAP attack there. I was near these people and they were meeting craziness on how to shake their bon bons or how to make the girls giggles at èm.

teacher and students meeting -- new way of meeting the class

It is really unpredictable that when you were on a couch with Tazo iced tea, or a mango frappe, you will never sleep at all — especially if you are making pa-cute to your date at this most crowded Starbucks I’ve been to, just to be identified..

some laidbacks..

And for smokers like me, it’s not a Seattle Best crowd where a smoking area is installed while enjoying the aircon, It is still an al fresco smoking where you see people in Cubao passing by, and some will just snatch your bag or beg for money.